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special effects fire dancer

Light up your next event with our team of fire dancing, professional, experts! 

Whether you need 1, 2 or 10 dancers, we've got you covered.

We perform with over 15 different types of fire props with options for fire eating, added special effects and choreographed dances.


If you're looking for the biggest WOW factor for your event ask about our large, special effects stage shows.

Our performers are trained, insured & very safe! When performing with fire we provide a trained fire safety technician, to ensure the safety of the guests, venue & performers.

With an array of light shows to choose from we can guarantee your guests wilte delighted to witness the magic of these eye-catching shows.
We have experienced soloists, duas and group choreography performances, full of energy, and excitement! Get ready to light up the night and brighten your mood.
Hula Hoops, Juggling, Wings, Pol, Double Staff, Fans, full LED sufts and check out our new LED aerial options: (gra (aerial hoop) and cube
Add-on electric unicycles for the perfect roaming entertainment experience.

ElectriCirque Rehersal Photos 22.JPEG

Allow our aerialists to add elegance to your party by dancing above the crowd, flying high with flexibility, strength and grace.

Our talented aerialists can perform with multiple apparatuses such as the lyra (aerial hoop), silks, hammock, tippy lyra, lollipop and pole. 

We have duo choreography available, imagine the beauty of 2 aerialists intertwining to make shapes with ease as they soar above the ground.


Ready to light up the night? 

Ask about our LED (glow options):

LED cube and LED Aerial Hoop 

plus, our FIRE add-on to our aerial hoops

Bring some more excitement and fun to your party!

Our jugglers perform with a variety of props such as clubs, interactive club launcher, balls, hoops, and more. Add some LED lights or fire flames to their act, even watch as they balance on their prop on their heads!

 We can create a sit down juggling show catered to your audience or provide you with ambient juggling entertainment.


One juggler is awesome, but having two jugglers interact, play, pass and "steal" from each other is a sight to see! Check out our juggling duo @electricjugglers


Electric unicycle is a fresh, futuristic take on the classic unicycle.


Our electric unicycle dancers pull inspiration from ice skaters. Not only can our dancers provide elegance and grace as they glide through your event, they can also perform tricks, one-foot balancing, juggling, hula hooping and more.

These professionals have duo choreography, can perform together, or solo. Watch as they interact, balance, link feet, and pirouette around one another. Stage shows, ambience/roaming performances available. 

Perfect for any occasion, small and large events, drive-in events, concerts, backyard birthday parties, kids parties and more.



Get ready for a high-level production, 15 minutes of fire dancing and/or LED arts, duo aerial acts, special effects and more. A fully choreographed show made to amaze.

An incredible experience of 7 different performers full of strength, power and confidence bringing something electric, flashy and thrilling to the stage. 

Please contact us for details on our show options. We have a fire show, LED show, a mixed (fire and LED) and different sized shows to cater to your budget. 

Select this special effects stage show for your next big event, festival, kids party, bar mitzvah, wedding and more. 

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Learn from the professionals!

Private Lessons are available to kids and adults. 

Hula Hoops, Juggling, Fire Dancing, Aerial and more!


We're happy to share our skills, help build choreography for an act, or just play and have fun with circus!

Hula hoops are very popular amongst bachlorette parties we can do a hula hoop workout dance class for your group.


Also, circus arts are great for kids parties, perfect to get some of their energy out! 


Looking for something else?

Stilt Walking, Face Painters, Lollipop Lyra, Acrobatics, GoGo dancers, DJ, Mermaids, etc..

Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions we'd be happy to help ensure you have exactly what you need for your next gathering, 

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