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ElectriCirque is a group of elite circus performers excited to share electrifying entertainment with the world.

It all started when 2 solo performers met at Burning Man, in 2018, Kyle and Jessie. Upon meeting they instantly connected through the art of fire dancing and quickly turned their solo careers into a dynamic duo doing all types of circus acts. Their main focus was juggling and electric unicycles which birthed the creation of the "Electric Jugglers".

From then on, they knew they wanted to build something even bigger and beyond just themselves. Imagination brewed into an idea of having a full Electric Circus, bringing in lots of LED/ lights, fire dancing and aerial to stages, shows, events, weddings, kid parties, bah mitzvah's and beyond. 

Here we are today, excited and ready to provide exquisite entertainers to Santa Barbara counties, surrounding areas and beyond. 

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